Monday, August 23, 2010

Dealing with Difficult People

Most of us have at one time or another had the opportunity to face what we might call a difficult person. This could be our child, a neighbor, a bill collector or a school teacher. Many times these altercations can cause us to lose sleep, say things we don't mean or ruin relationships.

The following suggestions were given at a school workshop. When facing a confrontational person take a deep breath and let these thoughts run through your mind:

1) Tell yourself that the most important person in the world right now is the person in front of you.

2) Realize that the person with the most emotion owns the problem.

3) Listen, listen, listen.

4) Acknowledge their frustration, concern, anger, fear, etc.

5) Bite your tongue and resist the urge to defend your position.

6) Ask them for possible solutions and what they might need from you.

7) Thank them for calling, coming in, or caring.

Be humble and willing to do your part to resolve the issue. You will feel much better about yourself, and your blood pressure will be normal. It's all about good health!

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