Thursday, August 5, 2010

Funny Expressions

Yesterday my husband told our son he was "Full of Piss and Vinegar". I asked him "What does that mean? I have been married to you for twenty-eight years and I've never heard you say that!" He told me "I don't know. It's a southern thing."

Then I started thinking about some of the funny expressions that I've heard my parents and grandparents use. Here are a few...

Doohicky- anything you can't put a name on

Knee High to a Grasshopper- describes someone who is short

You're Cruisin' for a Bruisin'- you're going to get in trouble

I Have a Bone to Pick with You- you disagree and want to discuss it

Mind your P's and Q's- Be good

Yessirreebob- Yes! For sure!

Oh Horse Feathers!- I don't believe it.

Fork Over- Give me some

School of Hard Knocks- learn the hard way

Quit Horsing Around- quit goofing off

I think it's interesting how some expressions change over time. I remember the first time my son heard me say "Soused". He thought I made it up until he heard an older gentleman say it.

What goes around comes around. I'm sure children of the younger generation will laugh at their parents when they say things like...

I'm Down with That- I'm okay with it

PHAT (fat)- Pretty Hot And Tempting

Tight- very close, as in Best friends are tight.

Word Up?- "What's going on?"

Sick- meaning cool or neat

Can you think of some funny expressions that you'd like to share?


Megan said...

I have heard Grandma Smith say she has a hitch in her gid along :) I thought that one was pretty funny

Marilyn said...

How about, "Oh horse feathers" "Go soak your head" and "You're cruisin' for a bruisin' ?

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