Thursday, August 26, 2010

Through My Children's Eyes

Here is another fun idea for a scrapbook page. Have your kids answer questions about you (individually). I did this with my children a couple of years ago. It was fun comparing their answers. As you read through these, remember that Cody is my son with special needs. Also, please don't hold anything they say against me.

Q         What is something mom always says to you?
A          Katelyn-“Be safe.”
            Casey- “Keep your nose clean.”
            Chase- “Knock it off.”
            Cody- “Time to rise and shine.”

Q         What makes mom happy?
A          Katelyn- “Milk Duds”
            Casey-  “Pills”
            Chase- “Coke”
            Cody- “Playing Yahtzee”

Q        What makes mom sad?
A         Katelyn- “Her sons”
           Casey- “”Sometimes me”
           Chase- “That she doesn’t have grandkids”
           Cody- “Grandpa and Terri’s funerals”

Q        How tall is mom?
A        Katelyn- “5’4””
          Casey- “5’6” if that?”
          Chase- “5’1””
          Cody- “2 feet”

Q      What is mom’s favorite thing to watch on T.V.?
A       Katelyn- “Survivor”
         Casey- “Survivor”
         Chase- “The Office”
         Cody- “Survivor”

Q      What does mom do when you’re not around?
A       Katelyn- “Look on the Internet for plumbing ideas”
         Casey- “How am I supposed to know?”
         Chase- “Hell if I know.”
         Cody- “Work”

Q      If mom was famous, what would it be for?
A      Katelyn- “Best mother in the whole world”
        Casey- “I don’t know dude”
        Chase- “Running over a skateboard”
        Cody- “Being cute”

Q     What is mom really good at?
A      Katelyn- “Cooking”
        Casey- “Cooking”
        Chase- “Worrying”
        Cody- “Sewing”

Q     What is mom not very good at?
A      Katelyn- “Spelling”
        Casey- “Texting”
        Chase- “Playing Nintendo”
        Cody- “Cleaning up”

Q     What is mom’s favorite food?
A      Katelyn- “Mexican and Chinese”
        Casey- “Applebee’s”
        Chase- “Chocolate Turtles”
        Cody- “Lasagna”

Q    What makes you proud of mom?
A     Katelyn- “I am just like her.”
       Casey- “Everything”
       Chase- “She drives a sexy car”
       Cody- “She’s cute”

Q     How are you and your mom the same?
A      Katelyn- “We both have nice butts.”
        Casey- “We’re both weirdo’s.”
        Chase- “Bi-polar”
        Cody- “We both like ‘80’s music.”

Q      How are you and your mom different?
A       Katelyn- “I’m not sure.”
         Casey- “She has kids”
         Chase- “She gives me money when I need it”
         Cody- “I go bowling”

Q     Where is mom’s favorite place to go?
A      Katelyn- "Disneyland" 
        Casey- “Disneyland”
        Chase- “Las Vegas”
        Cody- “Mesquite”

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Ashlee Thornton said...

That is probably the cutest thing I have ever read. You should be famous for being cute!

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