Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top 10 Things That Gross Me Out

1) People who blow their nose while dining in a restaurant. (Yuck! Get up, go to the bathroom and do it in private.)
2) Spitting
3)Costco customers who push their carts and eat free samples without washing their hands
4) Double dipping
5) People who drink straight from the milk carton and put it back in the refrigerator
6) Public Restrooms (Period!)
7) People who put their hands into the popcorn bowl without washing them first
8) People that make smacking sounds while they eat
9) People that cough and sneeze into their hands (Come on! Even the kindergarten kids learn to cough into their elbow.)
10) Pastrami (It just smells so bad!)

1 comment:

Christopher Jennings said...

I am really a very patient person but I can't stand someone who makes the slurping sound when they sip their soup or talk while their mouth is full!!

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