Friday, October 7, 2011

Maybe I Want to be Booed

The idea behind Halloween Boo-ing is simple. You make up a plate or basket of treats, sneak to your neighbor's house, knock on the door and run away, leaving the treats on their doorstep. It's acceptable doorbell ditching, really. Once you've been Booed, you display a sign on your door or window so neighbors can tell who has already received treats and who hasn't.

The game is simple and easy for everyone in the neighborhood to play, but our family hasn't been Booed in years. In fact, one year we started the game by Boo-ing a couple of different families, but it never got back to us. The people in our neighborhood tend to skip those of us that don't have small children. I am sure they assume that older people don't want to be bothered and maybe that is the case with some, but not all. Believe it or not, people in their 40's are capable of running and hiding in bushes. :)

Anyway...If you would like to start this game in your neighborhood, here are three different
websites that have free printable Boo signs and instructions:

Party NV

The TomKat Studio

Anders Ruff


That corgi :) said...

I never heard of this, but it sounds like fun!! I'll have to check it out! I hope you get booed this year!


Carolina HeartStrings said...

This would be great if I lived in a "real" neighborhood, lol. What fun.... Marshall would get into this too cus he is developing an enjoyment of "sneakyness".... Must be an onset of the teen years...

MarsupialMama said...

That's so cute!! I grew up a little bit both in the US and the UK. When I was little and living in the UK people weren't used to Halloween, it wasn't the culture here.

One lady slammed the door in my brother's and my face, we were like maybe (him) 10 and (me) 4. Others just looked at us like WTF?? And another gave us nuts cause that was all he had even remotely appropriate. A couple were able to give candy and stuff, but my parents really only let us out cause we already had the custom and expectation since we'd lived in the States. I *love* halloween!!

Things have really changed here. I'd say 30-40% get into the swing of things. A tiny 1% go all out like they do in the States with decorations, pumpkins, everything. (We're one of them). Others might just have the pumpkin to show they allow trick or treaters, some people turn off all their lights so people think they're not home and they don't answer their doorbells, but you can tell they're watching TV inside.

Some people put up a paper sign on their front doors with a jack o lantern in a big red circle crossed out with the words "NO HALLOWEEN" or something printed on them. The first time I saw it I almost peed myself laughing. I really tried to take a picture of it, but then the woman started peeking through her curtains so I went away...

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