Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Okay. What you're about to read has absolutely nothing to do with pizza, but I asked Cody what I should title this post and "Pizza!" is what he said.

Today happens to be my husband's birthday. Don was born six years before me, in the year 1958. I enjoy joking with him about being "old" and, after reading the things that happened that year, I realize that I am completely justified. Don is old (hehe).

This is what I found...

NASA (North American Space Agency) is formed

14 year old Bobby Fischer wins the United States Chess Championship
Toyota and Datsun Cars go on sale in the US
The US Military said it will be possible with satellites orbiting the earth to make detailed maps from space
The Wham-O company introduces the Hula Hoop; over 100 million are sold
Popular Films-
The Bridge on the River Kwai
South Pacific
King Creole

Popular Singers-
Elvis Presley
Billie Holiday
Ricky Nelson
Frank Sinatra
The Everly Brothers
Ella Fitzgerald
Jerry Lee Lewis

Popular TV Programs-
Candid Camera
The Ed Sullivan Show
Come Dancing
The Jack Benny Show
Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Happy Birthday Babe! Oh...and don't feel bad. You're in good company. Tanya Tucker and Jamie Lee Curtis were also born in '58. Hey! Maybe you could download Delta Dawn on iTunes and listen to it while you eat some Activia? :)

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Diane said...

Well, since I was born waaaay before Don then I can't say anything about being old, lol.

It is funny to look at what happened way back when Ÿ

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