Friday, October 21, 2011

What Do Cody and Chris Farley Have in Common?

Like many individuals with autism, Cody has an amazing memory. Not only can Cody remember people, but he remembers places and circumstances from as far back as infancy.

Recently Cody said to me, "Remember playing with Phyllis? She did Eency Weency Spider and Hickory Dickory Dock. Then she made me crawl." Phyllis was an employee from the school for the blind who made weekly visits to our home after Cody was born. Her job was to teach me how to teach Cody important things that a typical baby learns by sight; such as eating, crawling, and even how to play. Phyllis worked with Cody and me until Cody was four years old, then our family moved to another state. We haven't seen her since, but Cody recalls things about Phyllis as if we just saw her yesterday. It's mind boggling really.

Not only does Cody have an amazing memory, but he remembers in great detail. For instance, he can tell you exactly where he was and what he was doing during specific occasions. 

Multiple times a day, Cody will ask, "Remember...?" And, if you don't remember (heaven forbid), he will say, "How come your memory is not as good as mine?" or "Mannn, I wish your memory was as good as mine."

Cody's trips down memory lane often make me think of the Chris Farley Show on SNL. As Cody would say, "Remember him?"


Asher Kade said...

That sounds like my 9 yr old who only has PDD (mild autism). Even with Bipolar and ADHD on top of that, he is not as severely disabled as Cody. But, the memory this kid has is like an elephant!
I totally feel you when it comes to special needs kids and memory!!

Carolinaheartstrings said...

I love your posts about Cody so much. Thanks for sharing him.

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