Thursday, October 20, 2011


Cody and I were sitting in the living room watching The Office tonight when, out of the blue, he leaned forward and said "Joseph was calling someone a POSH today."

Being the terrific mother that I am (hehe), I did what I always do and played his autistic mind game. I asked "What is a POSH Cody?"

He replied, "It's like dad says...a piece of crap."

I questioned Cody, "Joseph called someone a piece of shit?"

"Yes" he said.

I continued to watch The Office, making a mental note to find out who Joseph is.

True to his character, about five minutes later Cody continued the conversation by volunteering this information...

"He called me a POSH. He was teasing me."

I probably should find out exactly what goes on at Cody's day program and if uttering profanity is an everyday occurance, but right now, I just don't GASH (give a shit).


Lizbeth said...

You crack me up!

MarsupialMama said...

OMG this was hysterical!! **LMAO**

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