Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Which One is Different? Do You Know?

Remember this Sesame Street Song?

According to Cody, which of these four things does not belong with the other?

1) Phone
2) Vacuum
3) EV (elevator)
4) Grocery Cart

I will post the answer after a few people guess :)

(Family members, if you already know the answer, please don't give it away.)


bbsmum said...

Answer (1) Phone is the only one you can shout at and not get funny looks from other people.

bbsmum said...

Answer (4) cart (we call it trolley in the UK) is the only one that moves on its own in unpredictable directions. (If your phone does this you have a BIG problem)

Lora said...

I say that it is the phone, just a guess.

dluvscoke said...

The answer is # 4 Grocery Cart.

Every time we go out-of-town and have to stay in a hotel, Cody calls it "Phone, EV, and Vacuum". I understand phone and EV because every hotel has them, but I don't completely understand where vacuum comes into play. My best guess is Cody heard a maid vacuuming somewhere along the line.

bbsmum, I like your analogies. They make sense to me! And I learned from you that a grocery cart is a trolley in the UK. Very informative.

Thanks to both of you for trying:)

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