Monday, November 1, 2010

Stressed Out Drama Queen

My eighteen year old daughter is a full time college student; she also has a part-time job. Because she has to maintain a 3.8 GPA to keep her scholarship, most days she is a little more than stressed. As well as being the youngest child, she is also the only girl (three older brothers), so she has learned to be a bit of a drama queen. For example, read the conversation Don and I had with her before taking this picture yesterday afternoon.

Katelyn: "I think I'm having a stroke or something. My heart has seriously been beating for like two hours!"

Don and I: (Laughing) "We certainly hope so, otherwise you'd be dead."

Katelyn: "You know damn well what I mean."

Cody: "Uh-oh. I heard that Katelyn. You need pepper on your tongue."

(FYI- her blood pressure was fine.)


Bobbi said...

Molly is like that too, lol.

Anonymous said...

Nice blanket!

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