Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 Things I Completely Suck At

On the eleventh day of each month during 2011, I am going to title my posts '11 Things'. Today, I shall let a few of my secrets out of the bag. Here goes...

11 Things I Completely Suck At-

1) Video games- How am I suppose to know when to bonk my head or jump on something to get points?

2) Throwing a football- I've been told by the male species that I don't twist my wrist as I throw, so the ball is all over the place.

3) Baking bread- Can I just say "I hate working with yeast."

4) Finding my way around airports- If baffles my husband that I can find my way around any mall, but have such a hard time with terminals.

5) Math- I can balance my bank account and figure 30% off an item while shopping, but don't give me an equation with both letters and numbers. In my opinion, they don't belong together anyway.

6) Taking pictures- I really don't have an eye for photography and my timing is terrible.

7) Cutting hair- I never have been good at this and my sister has Barbie dolls to prove it.

8) Golfing- I'm okay with miniature golf, but when I'm on the course, I tend to take up the turf.

9) Foosball- I am SO BAD at this. I could probably win a contest for being the suckiest.

10) Waking up happy- Unless, I'm getting up to go on a vacation or a shopping spree, then it's all good.

11) Three of my kids were in the room when I asked them what I suck at and Cody eagerly piped up and said, 'I know, I know, I know! Not changing your Christmas ring tone on your phone." He's right, I haven't taken the time to do this. Apparently it's not as important to me as it is to Cody.

Happy Jan 11, 2011 everyone!


Lisa said...

OMG..I so know what you mean about video games! My son can move the guys and collect points with his eyes closed...my husband too for that matter. I love your husband's comment about the malls vs. airports too funny!

dluvscoke said...

Lisa- The thing I don't get is how my husband can find his way around ANY airport and get lost in a tiny four-winged mall. Ha! The funny differences between men and women.

Lora said...

I suck at math too in a big way in fact, I still count with my fingers now that is sad!

bbsmum said...

This could be my list too! (But what's foos ball? Never heard of it, but all sport is another thing I suck at!)

dluvscoke said...

Foosball is a game that was big in the U.S. in the 1980's. Most kids loved going to arcades and playing Foosball. Not me. Do a google image search and you will see :)

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