Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I have been given the Stylish Blogger Award by bbsmum at I am supposed to reveal 7 facts about myself that people may not know, then nominate 15 new recipients. I will do the former but no can do on the latter. I do not have that many blogger friends, and the blogs I do follow most likely have already had the Stylish Blogger Award several times. So, without further adieu, I shall now enlighten (but most likely bore) you with pointless information...

#1- The color of my car has to look good with my hair. That means I will never drive a red vehicle. (Unless someday I go completely gray and then it wouldn't look so bad. But seriously, who wants to see an 80 year old granny in a sporty red car?)

#2- I have a huge fear of flying over water. If the plane were to go down, I would rather it crash on land than over the ocean, where sharks could eat me. (Yes, I do realize that if the plane crashed I would die anyway, but still...)

#3- I accomplished my goal of having all my kids before my 30th birthday.

#4- The open ends of the pillowcases on my bed have to face inward. What's my reason for this, you ask? Because... if my pillowcases face outward, spiders can crawl inside them.

#5- Driving on a bridge, over water, with a semi truck beside me, will send me into a complete and utter panic attack!

#6- When ordering french fries from McDonald's, I ask for sweet and sour sauce to dip them in.

#7- I was voted Most Admired my junior year of high school.

Are ya still awake?

Okay, now I am passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to the following people:

Jennifer C @
Lora @
Tammie and Alessa @
Annie @
Asher @

Go. Check out their blogs!


carolinaheartstrings said...

Dee thank you so very much for the award. We really appreciate it and love your blog too. We visit everyday and just love your content. Glad you like ours too. It is a fun rewarding experience for us.

AsherKade said...

I am not sure how many people will visit me or what your nod will do for my ratings, but personally speaking, I am greatly flattered to be loved and appreciated. It means a lot, I just want you to know.
BTW--I've never considered myself a stylish person. I just dress, write, etc in a fashion that feels good. If people benefit from it, then that's the icing on the cake.~Asher Kade

Big Daddy Autism said...

#4 = Insane! #6 = Brilliant!

dluvscoke said...

carolinaheartstrings- You Are Welcome.

Asher Kade- I got hooked on your blog when you were posting about your horrible yet funny experiences in the workplace...AND, I agree 100% with writing in a fashion that feels good.

Big Daddy- Are you telling me that you don't worry about the position of your pillowcases and you've never thought of dipping McDonald's fries in sweet and sour sauce? (It IS brilliant, huh!)

Casdok said...


bbsmum said...

Spiders in pillowcases? I'd never thought of that. Terrifying. I've got to check them now. And maybe turn them round.

Jennifer C said...

I am am with you on the drowning and the trucks on bridges, but now I will have to check my pillows every night! Thanks for the award and I love your blog.

Marilyn said...

Guess who turns her pillowcases inward too? I have since you told me about your fear years ago. Like daughter, like mother :)

dluvscoke said...

Casdok- Thank You!

bbsmum- Yes, you'd better check. (I realize that I'm a bit of a freak.)

Jennifer C and Marilyn- Sorry. I feel like I'm passing my phobias onto others :)

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