Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Necktie Torture

My son Casey (age 21) got a job promotion and is now required to wear a necktie everyday. I love it because he looks so handsome, but there is a minor dilemma. Casey doesn't know how to tie a tie, so he's recruited his dad (Don) to be his personal, tie tying assistant.

Don hates tying ties. In fact, he's figured out a way to slip out of his neckties, so he never has to re-tie them. When Don receives a new tie for Father's Day, or Christmas, or any occasion, he gratefully accepts the gift, but then procrastinates tying it, so it goes unworn for months.

Casey bought three new neckties over the week-end and left them at our house for his dad to work his magic. When Don came home from work and saw them, he said to me, "You do know that if I have to tie three ties in one night, I'm gonna hang myself with the last one."

Casey may look like his dad, but he's inherited my love for Coca-Cola :)

(Before I get any snide comments about how Don should teach Casey to tie his own ties, I will tell you that he will. Life just needs to slow down enough for Don and Casey to be in the same place at the same time.)


bbsmum said...

Funny! Do they do those ties on bits of elatic in adult sizes? Or could Casey paint one on the front of his shirt?

carolinaheartstrings said...

Oh that is so funny to me (Tammie) and so like my very own husband. In fact when my son was in high school and donned his first tie I went on the internet and found how to tie a tie diagram for him and now he ties a perfect tie. He even inspired his Dad to tie one decently too!

Lora said...

So glad that I don't have to wear those things!

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