Sunday, January 16, 2011

File in Style

The much dreaded income tax season is upon us and Don and I are forced to deal with this pile of papers we've accrued during 2010. (I cannot believe I am showing you this mess. I promise the rest of my house is clean and tidy...well, except for the shoes in my closet...and my garage, but that's beside the point.)


Anyhow, I found this post on the Gooseberry Patch blog that has the cutest file folders. I'm thinking that maybe...just maybe, if my files are cute, I won't mind being a tad more organized.

Here is the link so you can see for yourself, and IF I actually make these, I will post a pic of my new, improved file system :)


Lora said...

Looks a lot like my system for storing papers. Wish that I was motivated to use those cute little folders but that is just too much work for me. I do have to give myself a teensy bit of credit because I did do some organizing the other day and filed away some papers that had been lying around for months.

carolinaheartstrings said...

Those are cute, however, my husband takes care of the filing and the filing cabinet. Cannot really see him filing in that sort of thing. It would just be too funny. Good luck with your organization. I love the Gooseberry Patch and had forgotten all about them until you put in their link.

dluvscoke said...

Lora- Good for you! Filing sucks.

carolinaheartstrings- I cannot see a man appreciating the cute little folders either. You're lucky that your husband takes care of it!

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